The Great British Bake Off – The Final

I am so excited! Tonight is the Bake Off final. I will blog about this later this week, as I want to properly watch it and when blogging at the same time, I miss stuff…

I will say this though: go team James!!!


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First pic of the cake

Wedding cake

The wedding cake

So, a quickie post after an exhausting weekend. My lovely friend E just posted this photo of the wedding cake on Facebook. It’s not perfect, but everyone said it tasted great and I sampled all tiers and it was rather delicious.

More on the cake and the wedding soon.

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So much to write…

I have been neglecting this place. Life sort of happened. Saw a LOT in the past few months, so I shall attempt to give the highlights in one post.


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John Mayer feat. Newton Faulkner @ Royal Albert Hall, 17 September

There’s something about guitarists, especially when playing electric guitars. It’s arrogance, but they may or may not be conscious of this. For me, it’s probably got to do with the positioning of the electric guitar and the way the hands move. I don’t know. Of course, it’s also your typical rockstar-pose. For this reason I have issues with men playing electric guitars. This did not, however, stop me from going to see John Mayer at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday. (more…)

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Gig round-up

I have been clocking-up quite a few gigs in the past weeks. One I blogged about a few days ago. There were also three other gigs, all involving jazz in one way or another. Here’s a round-up of my jazz-filled fortnight. (more…)

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Jamie Cullum & Ben Cullum @ The Forum, 7th September

I love Jamie Cullum. I have been following his career since he first signed with Universal all those many moons ago. I have seen so many of his gigs that I have lost count, but I guestimated the number is nearing my current age, which is 28. I’ve seen him play in small clubs, at massive festivals and everything in between. I have never, however, seen him do a dance set with his brother Ben. Well, until last night. (more…)

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Waterloo Bridge

It’s been a while. It’s summer, I’ve been on holiday, so nothing much has happened. I will post some gig reviews over the next few days. But for now, an entry not so much about an activity, but about a bridge. Waterloo Bridge. One of my favourite spots in London. ‘Why?’, I hear you ask. Well… here’s why (more…)

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Blind Light Exhibition @ Hayward Gallery


Some things you just have to experience in order to understand them. One of them is the Anthony Gormley exhibition Blind Light at the Hayward Gallery. (more…)

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iTunes Festival @ ICA, July 2007

iTunes Festival

As a music obsessee, I do like iTunes. Oh the instant gratification. They are also cool enough to organise a free festival at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA). It’s an invite only thing and you can win tickets for it. I was lucky enough to attend two gigs: Terra Naomi/Scott Matthews and Raul Midon/Beverly Knight. (more…)

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Book Club @ The Albany – every last Wednesday of the month

So many things to write about, so little time. Expect a lot of updates over the coming weeks!

Book Club has become somewhat of a comedy phenomenon in London. I joined the phenomenon quite late as comedy has never really interested me that much until I moved here. One of my friends discovered Book Club at a festival last year and she has been dragging all her mates to it at least once! And I am glad she did.

Book Club is led by Robin Ince, apparently well-known as Ricky Gervais’ compere. (more…)

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