Book Club @ The Albany – every last Wednesday of the month

So many things to write about, so little time. Expect a lot of updates over the coming weeks!

Book Club has become somewhat of a comedy phenomenon in London. I joined the phenomenon quite late as comedy has never really interested me that much until I moved here. One of my friends discovered Book Club at a festival last year and she has been dragging all her mates to it at least once! And I am glad she did.

Book Club is led by Robin Ince, apparently well-known as Ricky Gervais’ compere. Usually it is a wonderful unorganised mixed of talented and sometimes less talented comedians, doing funny and sometimes not so funny routines. It is impossible to review one night, as it is different from month to month. A fixed feature however is Robin Ince reading from dodgy books. Last Wednesday, for example, brought us a bit out of a Mills and Boon novel, in which the writer took its pharamceutical correctness very seriously and contained a few ranty paragraphs about EU regulations of painkillers for horses. Yes, in a Mills and Boon novel. I know. The read-offs so far has also contained excerpts of books about how to photograph girls, rabbit sex, really really bad horror and even more Mills and Boon. The stuff they find is rather impressive!

Talented comedian Jo Neary often features. Whether she’s doing some expressive dancing to really bad songs or a powerpoint presentation on sex toys, she never fails to crack me up. Also in the ‘so-funny-my-jaws-hurt-from-laughing’-category is Howard Read. Hard to describe, but his routine about his son the other week, was just brilliant. Another regular is Martin White, who is quite possibly the worst singer ever, but still delights the audience with his version of Thriller and of course his accordion song.

There is a lot more to say about Book Club, but truth is it needs to be experiences. Be prepared to laugh so hard you might pull stomach muscles (this has been done, I am not making this up), to run to catch the last tube home as they tend to over-run a lot and to listen to really really bad writing.


July 28, 2007. comedy, reviews.

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