Blind Light Exhibition @ Hayward Gallery


Some things you just have to experience in order to understand them. One of them is the Anthony Gormley exhibition Blind Light at the Hayward Gallery.
The main attraction of this exhibition is no doubt the title-installation ‘Blind Light’. It is a box, with cold steam in it and it completely disorientates you. You enter this cloud of whiteness and you can see about a foot ahead of you. The impact would be even more profound if people were quiet. Although it’s hard to figure out where people are even though you can hear them, you are more aware that there are other people inside. Sometimes someone will just appear out of nowhere and be right in front of you. It was a wonderful experience and I do see why this can be called art. I sometimes take issue with modern art, but this was more about the concept.

The rest of the exhibition was interesting. It was also good to see ‘Event Horizon’ the way it was supposed to be seen, from the various outside spaces at the Hayward. A few weeks I spend an afternoon on the South Bank, manhunting and taking photos of the Gormley men, which can be seen on my Flickr page. I saw some statues you couldn’t see from the street, so that was cool.

‘Blind Light’ will be at the Hayward until 19th August. Go and see it.


August 6, 2007. art, reviews.

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