Jason Mraz – Selections for friends

Today I went to a dangerous place. I clicked ‘iTunes Store’ in iTunes. I tell you, instant gratification for the music junkie. Is there such a thing as music rehab? Not that I’d want to, but with music available at your fingertips nowadays, it’s a possible debt problem waiting to happen.

Next week I am going to trek all the way to Brighton to finally finally see Jason Mraz live. I have been listening to his music for years now, but he never came to the land of the Dutch, so now I am here I am heading to Brighton to see him. I’ve been on a Mraz-a-thon for a few days now. I went to FOPP a few days ago and bought Live at Java Joe’s, which is fantastic. FOPP is also a dangerous place as it is close to my work, and they sell cheap cds. Not Good.

So today, I went online and bought Selections for friends, which is only available as download from iTunes. (more…)


June 16, 2007. music. Leave a comment.